Such sad news ….

September 27, 2011

We haven’t been writing up Dougal’s blog over the last few months for several reasons but the biggest was that Dougal’s life has been very happy and ‘normal’ and to be honest I was struggling to find news to tell everyone.

Dougal faced every day with such excitement and love of life and he made the most of the simplest moments and these were what his days consisted of, simple moments of great happiness.

Added to this, we have had several major earthquakes to contend with. Dougal probably coped best of all of us with them, he was on his happy drugs, he had his beloved family of dogs and people around him and he still followed his regular routine. Dougal never noticed the quakes at all, in fact he usually slept through them – which was a great thing.

So firstly, I am so sorry we haven’t kept you up to date with our daily lives but they were truly full and very happy, especially for our little lad.

Now I have the most painful news for you and it has taken me sometime to work up to being able to write this. On September the 14th, a Wednesday night at 10.20pm our darling Dougal died in my arms.

Dougal had lived his usual busy and very happy day, coming with me to feed the chooks (and share their scraps, it was a sausage this day), following me out to hang the clothes on the line, snoozing in the sun with Fergie the cat and keeping a close eye on the comings and goings of our home. We had several extra people for dinner that night and also had Henry, his Dad to stay for a few days so it was busy busy busy. Dougal loved it and was in the midst of all the action while dinner was being prepared, barking at the cats, chasing after Henry and Bella as they played, snatching bits of food as they were dropped from Tilly’s highchair. Just a pretty normal might in our household.

The first we noticed something was amiss was just when we gave the dogs their dinner. Dougal had a big drink of water and then he began to throw up and was foaming at his mouth. I knew something was wrong immediately and nursed him and cuddled him. He went quickly into a coma and didn’t know us for the next hour and a half until he passed away.

I was in a state of shock because although I had known he was living on borrowed time, I believed he had beaten it and was with us forever. It happened so quickly, one minute he was with us and then he was gone.
Dougal has left such a huge hole in my heart and in my life, he lived life with such enjoyment, he loved every moment he had and made the most of it. Go Dougal my darling, I know you are in heaven dancing and running rings around everyone and you will coming running to meet me when my turn comes. I love you forever!

I have added a collection of photos of Dougal taken over his life – mainly the last few months – notice how many pics show him grinning – he just loved his life.

Thank you all for sharing in Dougal’s life and adventures and for caring about him, we all appreciated your interest and caring.

All the kids in the car with Mum

Tired out at Auntie Lisa's after a big drink

A quick cuddle by the fire

Our last photo - Dougal was not impressed with the cold white stuff!

Bella, Geordie, Dougal and Maia snoozin' on the couch

Lets play ball

Off to get some wood with Dad and Tilly

Just a quick snooze by the fire

All tuckered out

Even when he was older he liked to hide under the couch and thought he was as long as his head was

Dougal loved the ball but never quite knew what to do once he had it

Tired out - it's been a big day!

Sharing a wine with Dad - he loved being a 'big boy' sitting on the couch with us

With Kay at a work pary - what a party animal!

Chillin' with the bros by the fire

One of my favourite shots

Snoozin' in the sun with Mum

Relaxing on the lawn

Dougal - having a rest with Fergie



Me and my BFF

January 28, 2011

We have had Mum and Dad’s niece, Hazel, staying with us this week for a holiday and I have had sooo much fun with her – I think she is my new BFF.

Hazel loves playing with me, she takes me outside under the trees and brings my water bowl and some toys and sits there and plays all sort of games with me, we have such a lot of fun together.

Hazel first met me when I was only a few days old – have a look at the photo below – and everytime she comes for a holiday she just spends ages playing with me – she just loves me – which of course I can understand cos I am soooo lovable!

Today we were under the tree for ages and she played ball with me and picked me raspberries for a snack and gave me heaps of cuddles, we went to visit the hens and she gave me a couple of their scraps – yummy sausages which I just love.

I am a bit sad because she is going back to Timaru tonight with Dad and I wont get to see her till the next lot of school holidays – if I am lucky and I miss

What a great way to spend the day, with my best mate

her already 😦

Here are some photos from today for me to remember all our fun together, hope you like ’em!

Let's play ball

My best friend forever - Hazel!

The first time Hazel and I met

Me and my gal

Phew! It was 34 degrees today!

January 16, 2011

Today has been the hottest day ever! Phew I was soooo hot and it was really hard to find a cool spot anywhere!

All of us dogs just spent the day trying to find a cool spot and worked really hard at doing as little as possible – (no change there! says Mum).

Bella found her cool spot under the living room side table, Geordie spent the day alternating between the porch step in full sun and the toilet floor which he thinks is the coldest spot int he house and I found a perfect spot under the rose bushes.

It was lovely because it was right in the centre of a cross wind and also the bushes were just the right height to give me plenty of shelter – per-fect!

Sneaky Mum found me asleep and decided to take some photos – no peace for the wicked she says!

Who's this snoozing under the rose bush?

Sneaking up closer

Huh - whaddya want???

Geez I was having a good sleep Mum!

Ok, I'm awake now, what now?

Holiday fun

January 1, 2011

We have had such a busy time since Christmas, lots of things to do and lots of visitors, it has been great fun.

Christmas Day was lots of fun, we went to Maia’s Mum and Dad’s place for lunch, there was so much food that even I was full to the brim and that is saying something! It was fabulous fun opening all the presents, I got heaps of toys and Geordie is so smart, he knows how to open his presents, I am going to get him to teach me that so I don’t have to wait to see what I have been given.

Then we went back home to our place and everyone went for swims and played croquet and soccor, I just loved it all. Maia was there too so there were us four dogs together having a great time chasing each other and getting in everyone’s way

Yay present time!


Then on New Year’s Eve, we had lots more yummy food and after our dinner of sausages and other yummies (it was a bbq dinner) , we all went for a walk over to the paddock and played ball games. The girls picked flowers and put them in their hair and I got one too – that doesn’t mean I am a girl though – it just means I was very tolerant and let Mum’s niece put them on me.

After playing ball we all went inside and had a sit down and we dogs were so tired and so full, we slept for the rest of the evening. I wish it was Christmas and New Year every day.

Weeds in my moustache

Geordie is doing tricks for food

Playing ball

Geordie is opening his present

Flowers in my hair

I am soooo beee-uooo-teee-fulllll

Fun with the ball

Go Dougal!

I'm playing hard

The rest of the Christmas photos

December 21, 2010

Well I felt a bit guilty because yesterday’s post only had my photos on it – which of course were the most important ones – but I am going to let the other kids show off too. So here are some more photos with all the kids in them this time, hope you like ’em!

Bella is looking forward to Christmas presents

Another gorgeous shot of moi

A very suave and relaxed Mr Geordie

Us 3 kids - I was a bit sick of it by now

Aren't we gorgeous??

Last one - phew!

Getting the Christmas Spirit

December 21, 2010

I have discovered something rather wonderful happens around this time of year – Christmas!

Now I know I was around for it last year but I was still pretty little and I didn’t really understand what it was all about, but not so this year.

It all started with making her Christmas cake a few weeks back, I got to taste some mixture off the spoon, then Mum began to buy presents, all sorts of wonderful things that she then carefully wrapped up and put away, then the Christmas tree went up. Well that is a fantastic toy if I may say so, I have had so much fun trying to catch all the dangly things attached to it and sniffing the presents that went under it, it has kept me entertained for ages.

Geordie found his present under the tree the other day and sneaked off and opened it without Mum noticing – the best bit was watching Mum chase him round the lounge trying to get his toy back offf him haha.

Probably the least exciting part of Christmas happened tonight when Mum decided it was time to take the Christmas snaps. We had to wear silly hats and sit for hours and hours and hours while she fluffed around telling us we were going for walkies when we weren’t – meanie!

Any way here are a few results of the night, let me know what you think – of course I am the star of the show.

Merry Chrismas everyone!

When do we get the presents?

Phew I have had enough of photo taking!

Another hard day’s work

December 6, 2010

Two mischief makers

Well I have had another tough day of babysitting, boy young Tilly is such a mischief and often gets me into trouble.

Mum took this snap just as she was about to put some toast into the DVD player disk hole. I bet Mum owuld have blamed me if she hadn’t seen Tilly doing it! I was being good and trying to tell she shouldn’t do that but she just wouldn’t listen!

Finally Tilly went home for the day and I could at last relax, I was sooo exhausted after having to look after Tilly aaaalllll day.

Here is me catching up on my missed zzzzzzzs.

Time to catch up on my sleep

A Day of Babysittting

November 30, 2010

Today Mum and I have been babysitting Matilda and it has been my job to entertain her. I must admit I am rather good at it.

Sometimes Mum puts Tilly in her play pen and it is my job to make sure she doesn’t get into mischief. At one stage Tilly started ripping up one of her books and I barked to let Mum know Tilly was being naughty but silly Mum never listened to me and came in to find bits of book everywhere!

I also help to clean up after Tilly when she drops her food on the floor, especially when she has her lunch. I have taught her this great game where she drops the food on the floor and I eat it – she giggles when I eat it and I am pretty happy too with my full tummy haha. So everyone wins!

Here I am keeping an eye on Tilly while she is in her play pen, she is such a lot of work for one dog – even a big tough one like me!

Dougal is babysitting




Best Friends Forever!

November 24, 2010

Well I am very embarrassed to be writing again at last in Dougal’s blog. I have been very slack and not written anything for such a long time and I really do apologise for this and for letting everyone down. I have been very busy since the earthquake with family issues and with work, as well as this, I have been struggling to find things to write about Dougal. This is mainly because he is sleeping a lot due to being on 6-7 pills a day but he still does have his wee moments so I will make an effort to keep you more up to date in future. Sheryl (Mum).


I have just realised that I haven’t told you much about my very best friend so that’s what I am going to do today.

My bestest friend in the whole world is Fergie, he is a rather large grey and white cat. Now most dogs would not be very keen on having a moggie for a pal but I just love my mate and even if I do say so myself, he loves me too!

I spend a lot of my day outside now that it is summertime. Sometimes I get a bit bored but not for long as Fergie soon arrives. He loves hanging out with me – that is because I am such a cool guy. Mum often looks out the window and sees the two of us cuddled up together in a shady spot on the lawn. We both like to lick each other, Fergie will even stand still and let me sniff his nether regions (he is the only one who will!) and he loves to cuddle up with me and I guess he feels safe with me because we are both about the same size.

Dougal and Fergie - best friends forever!

Hanging out together

Me and my mate Fergie

Matilda is in the cage, not me, ha ha

Learning to share

September 22, 2010

We quite often have Matilda, Mum’s grand daughter come to visit while her Mum is busy. I have mixed views on Matilda, on the one hand I find it fascinating that there is a human who is about the same size as me and crawls on the floor like I do. On the other hand I am not so keen when she tries to catch me and tries to grab my fur in her fist as it hurts a bit – but not too much ‘cos I am so tough! I also rather like her toys which is ok with Matilda because she rather likes my toys so we share these very well.

The other part of Matilda’s visits that I truly do love is when she has a snack or her lunch. Now that is just about the best time in my week!

Matilda has discovered that it is great fun to throw her food off her highchair onto the floor, I have discovered it is great fun to sit under Matilda’s highchair and clean up the fallen food – now that is what I call the true spirit of sharing. I get yummy crackers, vegemite sandwiches, meusli bars and even the occassional glob of yoghurt when she spits it my way, very tasty.

So all in all, I think Matilda and I are going to get along very well together.

The terrible twosome

Yummy cracker!